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Exelon Generation operates 29 wind projects across 10 states that are capable of producing about 1,400 megawatts of electricity, of which about 750 megawatts are owned. Wind power captures a natural, renewable energy source in our atmosphere and converts it to electricity.
Wind is a clean, important source of energy.

Exelon Generation is committed to providing environmentally friendly, low and no-carbon power generation to customers. Wind is one such source. Wind power generation provides revenue for landowners and local communities.

Wind turbines can be up to 50 stories tall.

When wind blows around modern wind turbines, the blades capture the energy and rotate, which triggers an internal shaft to spin. This is connected to a gearbox, which speeds up the rotation. The gearbox is connected to a generator, which turns all this activity into electricity.

  • Wind turbines are grouped into wind projects, which provide power to the grid.
  • Wind turbines are built for high winds and can withstand extreme weather.
  • They shut off automatically when wind speeds exceed safety limits
With wind power, site selection is a make or break decision.

Wind turbines need to be installed in places with adequate wind resources. The U.S. Department of Energy publishes its own wind resource maps based on model-derived estimates. Our research includes small terrain features, vegetation, buildings, and atmospheric effects. America’s windiest spots are off the coasts, in the mountains, and down through the Great Plains to Texas.

How power from a wind project gets to you.

Once wind energy is on the grid, smaller transmission lines or “distribution lines” collect the electricity and bring it to larger network lines. The electricity then travels to wherever it’s needed.

Learn more about our wind locations.


Exelon Generation operates four wind projects in Idaho. Together, the projects operate 61 wind turbines and can produce 128.1 megawatts of clean electricity. Exelon Wind began generating energy in Idaho in 2009.

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Exelon Generation operates two wind projects in Kansas. Together, the projects operate 75 wind turbines and can produce 116.5 megawatts of clean electricity. In 2011, named Exelon’s Greensburg site “Wind Project of the Year.”

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Exelon Generation operates three wind projects in Garrett County, Maryland. Together, the projects have 56 wind turbines and can produce 140.0 megawatts of clean electricity. The first Exelon project was operational in 2010 and was Maryland’s first-ever wind project.

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Exelon Generation operates six wind projects in Michigan. As a group, they have 215 wind turbines and can produce 403.2 megawatts of clean electricity. In 2008, Exelon’s first utility-scale wind project, Harvest I, received an award in from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Exelon Generation operates two wind projects in Minnesota that can produce 6.7 megawatts of clean electricty. 

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Exelon Generation operates four wind projects in Missouri, including the state’s first. Together, they have 79 turbines that can produce 162.5 megawatts of clean electricity. Loess Hills was recognized as the first project in the nation that could meet all its community’s power needs.

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New Mexico

Exelon Generation operates a wind project in New Mexico. The Wildcat Wind Project has 13 wind turbines and can produce 27.3 megawatts of clean electricity. The Lea County Electric Cooperative purchases the energy generated by Wildcat Wind.

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Exelon Generation operates one wind project in Oklahoma. The Bluestem Wind Project has 60 wind turbines and can produce 198 megawatts of clean electricity. It began commercial operation in October 2016. Google has a 15-year agreement to purchase the wind energy that Bluestem produces.

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Exelon Generation operates four wind projects in Oregon. Together, the projects have 43 wind turbines and can produce 74.5 megawatts of clean electricity. Exelon has a long-term power purchase agreement with PacifiCorp to buy energy from these projects.

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Exelon Generation operates two wind projects with a total of 96 wind turbines that can produce up to 169.2 megawatts of clean electricty.

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