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With about half of the U.S. energy industry workforce eligible to retire in the next five to 10 years, the need for a diverse, qualified workforce with the knowledge, skills, and ability to adapt and grow along with the industry has never been greater. That’s why Exelon Generation is committed to building the future nuclear energy workforce in our communities and in our schools.

By providing funding for energy- and STEM-related organizations and programs, and education opportunities to people of all ages in our communities, we are investing in the future of our industry and our own workforce.

STEM Programs
We reach more than 15,000 students in our community schools each year through programs that teach them about clean energy, nuclear power, and energy conservation.
Community Education
Each year we welcome hundreds of people from our host communities into our plants, providing opportunities to visit the plant, learn about energy and how their neighborhood plant operates, meet plant leaders, talk with employees, and ask questions.
Student Opportunities
Through our summer internship program, we employ about 150 students each year in engineering and other disciplines to gain technical and professional industry experience. We have nearly a 70-percent conversion rate to full-time employment through our internships.
STEM Education Funding
Each year, Exelon Generation contributes more than $1 million to organizations and programs focused on education, and in scholarships to high school and college students who are pursuing degrees in STEM fields.