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Exelon Nuclear, a division of Exelon Generation, operates the largest fleet of nuclear plants in America. Our 21 reactors are clean, zero-carbon and always-on: an ideal foundation for our clean energy future. 

America can have clean air and keep the lights on, too.

Nuclear energy emits no greenhouse gases (GHG), making it a clean power source. Right now, nuclear plants are helping address climate change, providing 20 percent of the nation’s electricity and 60 percent of its clean, zero-carbon energy.

Nuclear power dominates in clean energy and also reliability. It meets the demand for an uninterrupted flow of electricity for extended periods, in even extreme weather conditions. This steady, around-the-clock performance means more reliable service for customers and communities.

Exelon and the environment

The most reliable source of electricity.

With a 94.6 percent capacity factor, Exelon Generation’s nuclear fleet produces energy America can rely on. Nuclear power is available on the grid at all times, 24/7, even in extreme weather conditions. Exelon spends millions each year on capital projects to improve and modernize equipment at our plants. 

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Nuclear plants are among America’s safest industrial facilities.

Exelon nuclear energy facilities have redundant safety systems and receive rigorous oversight from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, including on-site safety inspections. Though an emergency is unlikely, we’re always prepared for one.

For decades now, nuclear plant owners have worked with federal, state and local officials, as well as thousands of volunteers and first responders, to ensure that safety and the public interest is always first. Facilities are subject to strict, highly sensitive monitoring programs. Plants are also built to withstand impacts from earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and aircraft.

After the 9/11 attacks.

The NRC issued new security measures, and Exelon Generation met or exceeded them. These include physical barriers, increased security staff and armed responders, new training and surveillance equipment and cyber security measures. Critical systems at our facilities are isolated from the Internet to prevent cyber attacks. They’re designed to shut down immediately and safely should our systems detect any anomalies on the electrical grid. We’ve also invested heavily since the 9/11 attacks, spending more than $400 million across our nuclear facilities to further harden their defenses.

Exelon continues to work closely with the nation’s defense and intelligence agencies.

Safely storing used nuclear fuel.

The federal government used funds from nuclear plants to create the Yucca Mountain permanent underground storage site in Nevada, but this project is now on hold. Until the federal government opens Yucca Mountain or decides on a new solution, Exelon Generation safely stores its used nuclear fuel on site at plants in spent fuel pools or dry casks consistent with federal regulations.

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Investments must continue.

If America is to achieve its 80 percent reduction goal in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, nuclear energy needs to be part of the solution: unlike other sources, it provides carbon-free, baseload power. Federal and state policies should encourage the continued and extended operation of existing plants.

Exelon is an engine for job creation and economic growth.

Every year, Exelon Nuclear hires an average of 600 people. They’re good, high-paying jobs. In general, nuclear plants employ more people per megawatt generated than any other type of power source.

Why license renewal for nuclear facilities matters.

Renewing the operating licenses of qualified nuclear plants makes sense. Right now, nuclear plants generate 60 percent of America’s clean, zero-carbon energy. Given our environmental goals, the value of nuclear energy is on the rise. Without license renewals, much of Exelon’s clean, 24/7, reliable generating capacity would be lost. What would replace it? Likely sources that cost customers more and do emit carbon. 

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We live here too, and we’re good neighbors.

Exelon Generation aims to be a good neighbor within our local communities. We support local communities and causes with charitable giving and sponsorships – typically driven by our employees. Last year, we gave 532 grants totaling $1,720,732. We encourage our employees to volunteer and give back to their communities. Exelon works to advance many important causes, including the environment, education, the arts and appreciation of diversity.

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Ever wonder how a nuclear plant really works?

All energy facilities have the basics in common – but how we get from finding uranium in rocks to putting steady, reliable power on the grid is pretty interesting.

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