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People with Disabilities

​People with disabilities are a very large and diverse talent pool. One reason for Exelon's consistent success is our focus on talent and inclusion. We know from experience that great people who happen to have disabilities are highly motivated, highly engaged and very dependable. Recruiting people with disabilities into the Exelon family of companies, and providing exciting career paths, is a high priority.

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Our actions tell you everything

In 2014, Exelon offered our recruiting teams and hiring managers training for interviewing and hiring people with disabilities - because we do a lot of it.

We attend the Disabled Magazine Career Fair in Washington, D.C. It's among the largest career fairs specifically for people with disabilities. We partner with Veteran Recruiting Services and the Wounded Warrior Project's "Warriors to Work" program.

Exelon's student outreach includes corporate sponsorship of the Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD) Conference and Full Access Student Summit. We've also developed close partnerships with Offices of Disability Service at key universities from which we recruit interns.


Changing attitudes and practices

Exelon awarded funding to the National Organization on Disability (NOD) to support the development of the "NOD Disability Employment Tracker." It’s a great tool that lets all companies assess their own employment practices and benchmark efforts against best practices. It creates a brighter future for everyone as more companies welcome and support employees with disabilities.

Exelon also partnered with NOD to sponsor and host "Moving Beyond Compliance" in 2014. It was a remarkable event where companies shared strategies and best practices. Exelon’s CEO, Chris Crane was part of a panel discussion about how leading companies like ours are building a pipeline of talent with disabilities.

Exelon is proud to partner with, which creates sustainab​le employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities. Learn More

Awards and recognition​​​




Disability Matters Honoree 2014<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/Awards/AllItems/DisabilityMatters.jpg" width="165" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Matters Honoree 2014<p>​​​Exelon was selected as an honoree in the workforce category at the 8th Annual Disability Matters Conference. The award honors companies that are committed to taking the required actions to successfully mainstream disability in the workforce, workplace and marketplace.</p>
Disability Employer Seal of Approval 2016<img alt="" src="/PublishingImages/Lists/Awards/AllItems/NOD%202016.jpg" style="BORDER:0px solid;" />GP0|#f2421739-4f04-488f-9537-f01a1a6774fc L0|#0f2421739-4f04-488f-9537-f01a1a6774fc|Company GTSet|#bcddf5a1-9bfb-4c90-935d-59a859187775 GP0|#c75439c2-5220-4943-81cd-d543ed778151 L0|#0c75439c2-5220-4943-81cd-d543ed778151|People & Culture GP0|#bbaa8334-8566-47af-be98-08e5886ab97d L0|#0bbaa8334-8566-47af-be98-08e5886ab97d|PerformanceGP0|#e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd L0|#0e6f02775-dea9-44c1-bbc1-6307bad044cd|Diversity GTSet|#6105f392-f940-436d-9417-53b1e2a41f1d Employer Seal of Approval 2016<p>​Leading with an inclusive workplace, Exelon was recognized by the National Organization on Disability (NOD) with the inaugural Disability Employer Seal of Approval. The organization gave the honor to only 27 employers, who are leaders in disability inclusion, and Exelon is also one of the 13 members of NOD CEO Council President’s Circle.​</p>