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Designer III (Substation Design)Designer III (Substation Design)FalseFalse213910,<p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><br>At Exelon, we've got a place for you! <br><br>Join the nation's leading competitive energy provider, with one of the largest electricity generation portfolios and retail customer bases in the country. You will be part of a family of companies that strives for the highest standards of power generation, competitive energy sales, and energy delivery. Our team of outstanding professionals is focused on performance, thought leadership, innovation, and the power of ideas that come from a diverse and inclusive workforce. <br><br>Exelon will provide you the tools and resources you need to design, build and enhance a successful career. We are also dedicated to motivating the success of our employees through competitive base salary, incentives, and health and retirement benefits. <br><br>Join Exelon and share your passion at a forward-thinking Fortune 100 company. Establish yourself in a place where you can truly shine and create a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Energize your career at Exelon!<br></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">* SPECIAL POSTING NOTES-</p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Candidates with the following skills and/or experience preferred:<br>� Possess thorough knowledge of AutoCAD Design<br>� Knowledge of High Voltage substation design<br>� Possess detailed knowledge of substation equipment and function. <br>� Ability to visit substations and comply with safety and PPE requirements<br>� Experience within an engineering design utility organization<br>� Experience using Autodesk Inventor to design documents within a utility organization<br>� Experience using Solidworks software for the production of construction documents within utility engineering units<br>� Experience using AutoCAD for the production of design and construction documents within a utility engineering unit organization<br>� Experience with Building Information Modeling (BIM)<br>� Understanding of hardware required to run the above applications<br></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Other beneficial experience:<br>� AutoDesk Vault<br>� AutoDesk Recap or equivalent<br></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES<br></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Applies knowledge of engineering practices, and mathematics to prepare construction details involving electric substation, transmission, and/or the gas/electric/outdoor lighting distribution system design in accordance with the latest construction, safety, and environmental standards and cost control measures.   Ascertains load requirements, performs necessary engineering required to determine project cost and required construction resources.   Negotiates the construction schedule and service dates.   Determines requirements to accommodate joint use with other utilities such as cable TV and telephone.   Initiates estimates for residential, industrial and commercial extensions and relocations and executes contracts as appropriate. Reviews and quotes customer charges. Utilizes various computer systems including the Computer Aided Design and ATLAS Expert Designer  </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Reviews plans of proposed construction by customers and outside agencies to determine the extent of interference with our existing or proposed facilities.   Alerts and advises concerned parties of design options and special construction techniques to protect our facilities and avoid conflicts. Coordinates the design options with engineering personnel and consults with field forces prior to and during construction. Performs job site walk down to obtain preliminary information, to develop details of design and to discuss design problems with engineers and construction personnel. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Maintains customer contact throughout job to ensure mutually agreed upon commitments are met. Coordinates with customers, property owners, attorneys, architects, Realtors, contractors, builders, developers, governmental agencies and other utilities.   Selects and executes related documents such as contracts, permissions, rights-of-way, charge orders, etc. Obtains authority to bill customers for amounts receivable.   Reviews joint ownership requests, construction notices and bills resulting from Company work from other utility companies.    </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Performs field survey work to describe location of present and proposed facilities, obstructions and required geographic features. Interprets designs, coordinates and/or approves minor field changes.    </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Job duties may be electric transmission only, electric substation only, electric distribution only, gas only, outdoor lighting only or combination gas, electric, and outdoor lighting.   Work assignments and prerequisite skills depend upon the specific unit in which this position resides.    </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Subject to overtime. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">May be required to respond to emergency events. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Job Specifications: </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Knowledge: </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Knowledge of mathematics and experience in the application of engineering and construction standards, surveying, and electrical and gas theory necessary to determine design requirements. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Familiarity with environmental permitting, rights-of-way requirements, and Company safety standards and practices. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Skills/Abilities:  </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Demonstrated ability to effectively plan, manage, and coordinate multiple work assignments. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Demonstrated ability to make accurate field surveys; to produce legible, accurate and technically acceptable construction related documents; to develop and produce job drawings using CADD. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, and to negotiate effectively with internal and external customers. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Valid driver's license and ability to meet Company driving standards. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Ability to use personal vehicle on a regular basis for Company business. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-Satisfactory completion of the Technicians Occupations Selection System Test. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">-May be required to become Notary Public in the State of Maryland, depending on specific assignment. </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"></p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">Education/Experience:  </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"> </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;">High School Diploma and over 6 years of job related work experience, including at least three years� experience in the design and drafting gas and/or electric utility systems; or the equivalent combination of formal education/training and experience.   </p><br><p style="MARGIN-BOTTOM:0px;MARGIN-TOP:0px;"><br> </p>