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Analyst, Volume ManagementAnalyst, Volume ManagementFalseFalse215098,<div dir="ltr" align="left"><strong>PRIMARY PURPOSE OF POSITION<br></strong></div><br><div dir="ltr" align="left"><font>The <b>Analyst, Volume Management</b> position manages and is accountable for the day-to-day operations and strategies of Constellation natural gas transportation customers. This position monitors and analyzes customers natural gas usage and the Analyst must be able to navigate through internal processes and procedures while working within the utility guidelines to manage delivery volumes. <br><br><b> PRIMARY DUTIES AND ACCOUNTABILITIES</b> </font></div><font size="+0"><br><ul><br><li>Track, record, and analyze customers natural gas consumption including daily and monthly forecast of supply requirements. Nominate and report daily delivery volumes to the LDC. </li><br><li>Maintain and be accountable for consumption and balancing using Nomination/Balancing system or spreadsheets to assist in the analysis of customers daily energy requirements. </li><br><li>Understand the LDC tariff regulations for LDC(s) of responsibility. Maintain up-to-date LDC summaries for assigned regions. </li><br><li>Provide Business Development Management or Business Development Services with relevant tariff information to bring on or manage a customer. </li><br><li>Encourage and support superior customer service experiences by ensuring data feeding the individual systems are accurate and complete and result in an accurate customer invoice. </li><br><li>Strive to improve balancing and pricing to achieve the lowest cost possible for our customers. </li><br><li>Support multiple, secondary markets by demonstrating ability to perform monthly or day-to-day responsibilities in the absence of team members, in more than one additional market. </li></ul></font>