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Evan Cummings

Sr. Analyst, Constellation

​​​​​​​​​​​​​I grew up in Vermont and moved to M​assachusetts to go to Endicott College – I studied finance and economics. I was able to intern at a few different types of companies; financial services, construction, and private equity.  I graduated in 2009, stayed in the Boston area, and worked my previous summer job for a landscape architect.

My schedule was flexible enough that I could take a day or two to interview but nothing seemed to come up until I was hired as a contractor at Constellation. I started out in the Demand Response group – I worked for the DR team for 4 years starting with a group of about 25 and growing to almost 200.

Before the divestiture of CPower I was asked to join the Constellation Technology Ventures team to help commercialize portfolio company technologies into the folds of Exelon’s Business lines. Through all of that my true hobby is working on my garden/landscape.


About ​​Evan

Tell us about your job at Exelon.

Constellation Technology Ventures (CTV) is Exelon’s venture capital arm that seeks to invest and grow early-to-mid startup companies in the energy space. Our investment criteria fits within two molds 1) a company with a technology that is disruptive to the energy landscape, or 2) a company that complements or helps Exelon and its customers.

The CTV team is “headquartered” in Baltimore but I work in the Boston office where a number of our portfolio companies are headquartered. CTV is split into two divisions 1) Investments, and 2) Commercial Deployment. I work on the Commercial Deployment team as a Senior Analyst – I work with each of our portfolio companies to assist them with the growth of their business within Exelon’s business lines.

What made you want to work for Exelon?

I initially worked for Constellation before the merger of Exelon/Constellation. It was by chance that I was offered the contract position on the DR team. Working in the Energy industry, seeing the changes that are occurring and helping to shape those changes is what makes me most excited to work for a company like Exelon. I’m proud to for a company that is actively innovating itself.

What do you like most about working for Exelon?

My team; it’s a group of 5 of us but the commitment, drive, and cohesive nature of my team is extremely motivating. The VP and lead for the group, Mike Smith, has to be given credit for choosing the talent/personnel that he has.

I’ll also admit that the nature of my job keeps me extremely challenged and motivated. I’m helping to grow small companies into something they’ve wanted to be since their inception. Our market expertise, channels to market and experience are truly valuable to assist our portfolio companies grow exponentially.

Are you part of any Exelon Employee Resource Groups?

I’m currently co-founder and President of Boston’s Developing Young Professionals group. Through that group we strive to drive a better knowledge base for Constellation’s business lines, provide support for a group of like-minded professionals, and grow our brand with networking and community events.

Although not an official ERG, I’m also co-founder of the Leveraged Solutions group which is comprised of three people in various business lines within the company; 1) EME Sales 2) Pricing/Commodities Management Group, and 3) Demand Response/Strategic Alliances. The three of us hold office hours every Monday and act as a resource to Sales people looking for a “think tank” opportunity with various parts of the business. We help to connect the various customer issues into a cohesive strategy for the Sales person to utilize.

What activities do you participate in outside of work?

Outside of work I volunteer for the Boston Greenway, which is a protected stretch of gardens that are organically maintained and built after the “Big Dig” of Boston. I’m on the board for Endicott’s DECA Alumni Council and Endicott’s Alumni Council; I am also a mentor to business students at Endicott College.​



A Day in the Life

Wonder what this job may be l​ike day-to-day? Look below to find out.

7:00 AM
I like starting my day with a clean inbox and like to review the daily customer volume reports and respond to any messages that came in overnight. ​
7:30 AM​
I have a pretty easy commute. I live in the city of Baltimore and have a short drive to the office. If it is a nice day, I sometimes bike to the office - which usually takes 20 minutes.
8:00 AM
My day is normally pretty back-to-back with meetings – the first of which typically starts at 9, so I spend an hour or so prepping materials and reviewing information for the day’s meetings.
11:00 AM
I normally participate in daily sales plan reviews with one of our business units or clients were we cover consumption trends, upcoming events, and sales cycles along with resolving any emergent issues.
12:30 PM
While scanning through the Wall Street Journal, I take time to eat lunch and read the day’s analyst reports along with reviewing my afternoon meeting materials.
12:30 PM
During my lunch break, I like to scan through emails, handle Employee Resource Group related issues, read the day's analyst reports, and/or review materials for my afternoon meetings.
3:30 PM
I review any of our documented experiences within the Energy Efficiency Industry within our new business opportunities in the governmental/quazi-governmental markets. I also prep and review our finalized contract negotiations and continuously look to close sales.
6:00 PM
Being that my role requires travel and demand, I try not to bring work home so I can focus on my family and two daughters; being there for them as much as possible.