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Bryan Scavo

Associate Financial Analyst, Exelon Corporate

​​​​​​​​​​​​I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Finance in December of 2014. I held multiple co-op positions while completing my degree, including an Asset Management role with GE, and several roles in finance with General Cable in Cincinnati, Ohio. I joined Exelon in January of 2015, becoming a participant in the Finance Development Program.​


About ​Bryan

Tell us about your job at Exelon.

I currently work in BSC Treasury in Exelon’s corporate headquarters in Chicago. I manage the cash positioning from PECO while serving in a supporting role for Corp/BSC, ComEd, and BGE cash positioning. I am also a part of several project teams within Treasury Operations.

What made you want to work for Exelon?

I was very interested in working in an environment that provided a great career path. Exelon provided the ability for me to join a fast-paced industry, and to hold various roles in Finance through the Finance Development Program. Exelon was a great start to my career, and I plan to continue my development here.

What do you like most about working for Exelon?

The one attribute about working at Exelon that I hold in the highest regard is the level of work with which I am involved. I have been trusted with very important and high level work, even on Day 1, that has a real impact on the business. It’s a great motivator for me and drives my enjoyment in my job.

Are you part of any Exelon Employee Resource Groups?

Yes, I joined Developing Young Professionals (DYP) and the ECO-Team.



A Day in the Life

Wonder what this job may be l​ike day-to-day? Look below to find out.

7:30 AM
I usually arrive between 7:30 and 7:45 AM and immediately begin to check emails related to PECO cash management to ensure there are no urgent requests before positioning the cash for PECO.
9:30 AM​
I check to ensure that all of the check disbursement accounts are funded and review any one-off requests or Day 1 supplier payment days or intercompany days.
10:00 AM
By mid-morning I spend time researching and answering cash operations emails, issuing Letter of Credit amendments with the banks, working on assigned projects, or attending related cash management or project meetings.
12:00 PM
On days that I have meetings or projects to catch up on I will take a quick lunch, otherwise I will go out for lunch with my teammates.
1:00 PM
My mornings are cash operational and project driven in the afternoon. Most afternoons consist of back-to-back meetings related to long range projects or cash management.
3:30 PM
I check banking portal statements and accounts related to PECO cash management to ensure all payables are funded for the daily activity along with any excess generated cash getting invested or utilized effectively. If there are any discrepancies, I investigate and correct before the banking operations close at 4:30 PM.
4:30 PM
Once the cash is positioned accurately, I spend the next hour catching up on requests or working on assigned projects.
5:30 PM
I spend the next half hour reviewing and preparing for the next day’s meeting before heading home.