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How Our Partnership with GE Puts Data to Work

We’re using an advanced analytics to improve reliability for our 10 million customers

Exelon puts data to work to improve reliability for our 10 million customers

Data powers the world around us. Power that keeps the heat on during cold winter months, power to make holiday decorations sparkle and power to cook meals shared with family and friends. And at Exelon, data enables us to provide more reliable energy, quicker outage response and more efficient use solutions. We know that it’s about more than just keeping the lights on, which is why we are implementing the most innovative energy solutions for our customers. 

We recently announced a multi-year agreement with GE to deploy the Predix software solutions serving all six of Exelon’s utilities. The advanced analytics platform will take data generated from Exelon’s Smart Grid and Smart Meters and transform it into action.  Action that enhances safety and takes energy reliability to the next level. 

What does this mean for our customers? 

Better energy solutions. On the path of continuous improvement, technologies such as Predix can help our utilities provide more reliable and affordable energy, all with our customers’ expectations in mind. Historical and real-time data can help storm crews predict where outages might happen, and get safely pre-positioned before a storm.  Data can help us forecast when a piece of equipment is due for maintenance, before it becomes an issue. That helps our utilities perform better and minimize any disruption to customers. 

“When it comes to storm restoration, it will enable the utilities to become more surgical in prepositioning crews in advance of weather events – saving time and money, improving customer satisfaction and enhancing safety for our people,” said Brian Hurst, Exelon’s VP & Chief Analytics Officer.

Watch  Brian Hoff share an update on our progress with GE Predix in our Generation Fleet as Brian Hurst discusses our Exelon Utilities Analytics strategy and a new agreement at GE’s Minds + Machines conference.

For Exelon Generation, Predix takes data from wind turbines, hydro-electric dams and nuclear power plants and transforms that data into a “digital twin” of our assets. With these digital twins, we can run predictive analytics and create actionable intelligence to address any issues. This new capability allows us to optimize the performance of our assets, make smarter decisions with our maintenance resources and improve our sustainability profile. 

Exelon’s position as an innovation leader and the only Fortune 100 Company in the electricity sector provides us with a unique opportunity to develop and adopt new digital technologies, including co-developing Predix-based applications specifically for the energy industry to provide next-generation solutions.



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