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Doing business with us

Exelon is making strides in creating tools and processes to enable you to update your business profile with ease, determine eBusiness requirements and register for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), provide you with contact information, download reference materials and allow you to inquire about the status of your invoice.

We have integrated electronic tools and processes into our overall procurement strategy to equip our business partners with appropriate self-service tools that enhance our working relationship.

Managing Profile Information

Online Profile Management

Registered suppliers can manage their existing profiles through the online sourcing system.

Logon to Manage Your Profile

Business Name and Address Changes

If you need to change your business name or address (remit to information), please provide a letter of notification to your supply professional. The supply professional is identified in the applicable contract or purchase order.

Important! Please be sure to follow the instructions below to ensure the changes will be processed accurately

  • Send the letter directly to your supply professional (buyer or category manager) at his/her office. Please DO NOT send updates as part of your invoice to Exelon Accounts Payable.
  • Include current vendor name, remit to address, all purchase orders/contracts affected and if known, Exelon vendor code in addition to the updates.
  • If ACH is an acceptable payment method, please provide your bank name, address, account number and ABA number. The responsible Supply Professional will change your payment profile to ACH going forward.
Doing Business with Exelon
We ask all suppliers and potential suppliers to register, providing us with information on their company to allow us a better understanding of the nature and scope of the goods and services sold.
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Supplier Quick Links

Online tools for registered suppliers.

Supplier Resources