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Automating our supply chain

In this fast-paced world, we are looking for quicker and more efficient ways of doing business. Exelon has integrated electronic tools and processes into our overall procurement strategy to equip our business partners with appropriate self-service tools that enhance our working relationship.

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If you are an Exelon supplier and would like more information, please contact your Exelon Supply Category Manager

The Exelon Supply Chain eBusiness team is working to automate its supply chain’s procure-to-pay processes with our business partners. The eBusiness team has implemented effective eBusiness tools to electronically communicate a number of highly useful transactions.

Electronic Invoicing via EDI / Web Commerce

A number of transactions can be exchanged through traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or via Web Commerce tool. Web Commerce is available at no charge to all suppliers regardless of their technical capabilities.

Online Transactions via EDI / Web Commerce:

  • Purchase Orders (EDI 850)
  • Purchase Order Revisions (EDI 860)
  • Product Activity Data (EDI 852)
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgments (EDI 855)
  • Material Invoices (EDI 810)
  • Contract Invoices (Contract Invoice Application – CIA)
  • Payment Remittance Advice (820)
Supplier Quick Links

Online tools for registered suppliers.

Increased efficiencies

The eBusiness tools reduce manual business processes which in turn reduce data entry errors, create a shortened supply chain cycle time and enable better integration with suppliers. With hundreds of suppliers already engaged, we continue to encourage suppliers to use online tools in order to reduce Exelon’s supply chain costs by improving efficiency and accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Are all Exelon business units capable of sending Purchase Orders via Web Commerce or EDI?

A: Yes. All Exelon business units have Web Commerce and EDI capabilities. For details, please email eBusiness Support.


Invoicing Rejections

Q: Why are my invoices submitted via U.S. Mail and via fax being rejected for the reason of “Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - please resubmit your invoice through EDI as these invoices cannot be processed by Accounts Payable”?

A: If you are currently setup to invoice Exelon by either Web Commerce or EDI, all invoices must be submitted via the eBusiness method you have set up. Paper, fax and email invoices sent to the normal Accounts Payable email address will no longer be accepted if you are registered for Web Commerce or EDI. Should you not be able to submit your invoices using either of these eBusiness methods, please refer to the Electronic Invoice Bypass instructions (PDF) and scan and email your invoice EDI Bypass.

Q: How do I resubmit a Web Commerce or EDI invoice that has been rejected?

 A: Rejected Web Commerce and EDI invoices should be corrected and resubmitted using the same eBusiness method (i.e. Web Commerce or EDI.) If you have technical limitations preventing you from using Web Commerce or EDI, please refer to the Electronic Invoice Bypass instructions (PDF). You will need to scan and email the invoice to EDI Bypass with your request for an invoice bypass.

Q: Who do I contact if I do not understand my EDI invoice rejection message?

A: Please email questions about EDI invoice rejections to eBusiness Support.

Electronic Invoicing