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Register to do business with Exelon

We are glad you are interested in doing business with Exelon Corporation. We ask all suppliers and potential suppliers to register, providing us with information on their company to allow us a better understanding of the nature and scope of the goods and services sold. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Supplier Registration. To do business with Exelon, you can create a profile* for your business in our sourcing database which will be kept on file indefinitely. You will receive a message confirming that your business has been registered. You will not be able to update your profile as it will be designated as “inactive/unqualified” until it has been accessed by a category manager during a profile search.
  • Profile Approval. Once a category manager has accessed your file during a vendor search for a new purchase, it will be designated as “approved” and you will receive an email notification. You will then access and edit your profile through our registered suppliers* database.
  • Profile Updates. When a category manager “approves” your profile, you will access it through the registered suppliers database. You may receive occasional emails requesting you to update or confirm the data on file. Your profile will be kept on file indefinitely.
  • Winning Business. Category managers will search the sourcing (inactive/unqualified business profiles) and registered suppliers databases when there is a need to purchase services or materials. Buyers will contact businesses whose profile qualifications meet selection criteria and may request clarification, additional information, or a proposal or quotation in response to a formal solicitation.

Please note that no promise of a contract(s) is implied by being registered. Contract awards follow Exelon’s established procedures for competitive bidding, evaluation and negotiation. The steps in the competitive bidding process include a thorough financial and quality assurance evaluation to ensure suitability with Exelon’s standards of excellence.

* NOTE: Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 Service Pack 1 is required for accessing the online sourcing applications. Other open source browsers (e.g. Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and the Macintosh version of IE) are not compatible and will not allow you to access these sites.

As we seek to enhance our relationship with our premier suppliers, we also look for opportunities to build partnerships with new suppliers who are environmentally responsible, with a keen focus on safety, diversity and superior quality.
Register to Do Business