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Supply’s commitment to the environment

We are committed to achieving the goals set forth by Exelon 2020 by working with suppliers who are taking steps to address their environmental performance as well as offer innovative products and solutions that enable us to shrink Exelon’s carbon footprint.

Doing Business with Exelon
We ask all suppliers and potential suppliers to register, providing us with information on their company to allow us a better understanding of the nature and scope of the goods and services sold.
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Prospective suppliers are evaluated with appropriate consideration given to companies that demonstrate:

  • Track record of strong compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of your environmental performance
  • Commitment to achieving industry best practices in environmental performance, such as those established by the Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance (The Alliance)
  • Opportunities regarding the materials/products you supply that can improve Exelon’s environmental performance
  • The ability to propose innovative solutions for reducing Exelon's carbon footprint in addition to our existing procurement criteria that include price, quality and diversity

Exelon's environmental questions for RFPs provide an opportunity for suppliers who are proactively managing their environmental performance to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Supplier responses also provide Exelon with valuable information we can use to help manage supplier costs and environmental performance.

Supplier Quick Links

Online tools for registered suppliers.

Environmental Commitment