Performance that drives progress

Our commitment to excellence in everything we do means that we are driven to learn and grow, challenging ourselves to constantly adapt, enhance and advance.

Every day we focus on maximizing the potential of energy. Safely. Reliably. Sustainably. We vigorously compete to give our customers greater choice and value, and drive innovations that help businesses function more effectively and help people live better. Our end-to-end perspective across the energy business, coupled with our ingenuity and commitment, gives us the insight to seize the opportunities of today, while maintaining the focus and long-term view to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

We make energy work harder because we believe that clean, affordable energy is the key to a brighter, more sustainable future—where our customers succeed, our communities thrive and our nation prospers.

Exelon is a leading advocate for competitive electricity markets to deliver choice, innovation
and value for residential and business customers.