Exelon Generation is the leading competitive power generator in the nation, with owned generating assets totaling nearly 35,000 megawatts including 19,165 megawatts of clean nuclear energy in 22 units in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York; and 15,566 megawatts of non-nuclear generation, including (in order of megawatt capacity) natural gas, coal, hydro, oil, wind, solar and landfill gas.

The merger expanded Exelon Nuclear's fleet to include a majority share of Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG), which operates Calvert Cliffs in Maryland, and R.E. Ginna and Nine Mile Point in New York. CENG is a joint venture with Electricite de France.

In 2012, Exelon Nuclear-operated facilities achieved an average capacity factor of 92.7 percent (the 13th consecutive year above 92 percent) and produced 131.8 million megawatt-hours of electricity. Exelon Power's
fleet provided more than 40 million megawatt-hours of reliable generation
in 2012.

Exelon's growing wind portfolio spans 44 projects across 10 states and can produce 1,300 MW of clean energy, making it the 11th largest wind producer in the nation.