Among the significant developments in Exelon Generation in 2012:

  • Additional safety equipment and procedures were identified and
    implemented across the nuclear fleet in response to industry-wide
    lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster in 2011.
  • In its efforts to constantly improve safety, Nuclear implemented a host of
    innovative dose reduction programs in 2012, and recorded its lowest fleet Collective Radiation Exposure in the company's history.
  • A long-term operating services agreement was reached with the Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) to assume operational responsibility of the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station, representing a first-of-its-kind operating
    arrangement for Exelon. OPPD will continue to own the plant and
    remain the NRC licensee, but day-to-day operations of the plant will be brought under the oversight and governance umbrella of Exelon Nuclear and its best-in-class Management Model. Exelon Nuclear Partners,
    the consulting division of Exelon Generation, had been assisting Fort Calhoun since January 2012.

Exelon Nuclear-operated facilities achieved an average capacity factor of 92.7 percent (the 13th consecutive year above 92 percent).