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Equipment Operator

Equipment Operator

Dresden Power Plant, Grundy County, IL - Exelon Nuclear

Santos Nodel

Our eyes and ears

Santos Nodel’s first job in the nuclear power industry was truly a big opportunity – he was an Electrician’s Mate aboard the Navy’s nuclear-powered supercarrier the USS Abraham Lincoln, one of the largest warships in the world.

Exelon values the skills and commitment of America’s armed forces. For veterans seeking a new opportunity, Exelon has a place for you.

 “Exelon offers opportunities and incentives to move up in my career.”

Now Nodel uses the skills he developed in the military in his position as a nuclear equipment operator at Exelon’s Dresden nuclear power plant. “I carry out plant operations by manipulating systems locally in the field in a safe and effective manner,” he explains. “Equipment operators are the eyes and ears for the control room, supplying information that instruments alone cannot.”

The values Nodel sees at Exelon will be familiar to any veteran. “I appreciate the responsibility I have as an operator, and Exelon offers opportunities and incentives to move up in my career.” Plus, he adds, “Working with coworkers who share the same background means a lot, too.”

Select Job Requirements
Nuclear Equipment Operator
  • High School Diploma or educational equivalent Associates Degree in a technical field, preferred
  • Pass standard EEI testing
  • Ability to work different shifts
  • Excellent communication, teamwork and organizational skills
  • 43 or more semester-credit hours of coursework from a regionally accredited college or university; including chemistry, math and physics
Santos Nodel