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At Exelon, we believe that working together benefits our customers, our colleagues and our company.

If you are new to the power industry, you could probably learn much from “lifer” Joseph Fragala. “After high school graduation, I spent a week on vacation and then started as a meter reader the following Monday,” Fragala recalls.

"Working for Exelon affords many opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally."

Now almost 30 years later, Fragala is an Exelon account manager, a position where he continues to build upon his years of experience in the industry. “The best part of being an account manager is the ability to help your customer at a moment’s notice. We might see billing, operation, strategic and tactical issues all in the same day. Every day is unique, which allows us to grow daily in the position.”

Fragala especially appreciates how his team works together to deliver quality service. “Every day I have the opportunity to interact not only with our external customers but also our internal colleagues. By employing that teamwork approach, our customers benefit and their issues get resolved quickly and with limited impact to their business.”

Moreover, Fragala values Exelon’s efforts to work with him to further his own career. “Working for Exelon affords many opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally. The company’s development and training initiatives prepare us for a solid career within, as well as outside of, Exelon.”

Select Job Requirements
Account Representative
  • Bachelor's Degree Preferred
    (preferably in a business, or engineering field)
  • 3-5 years of business experience in customer services and sales
  • Proactively generate sales leads and conduct sales presentation
  • Excellent facilitation and negotiation skills, technical and financial aptitude, and customer service orientation
  • Valid driver’s license and use of personal vehicle
  • Accommodate occasional after-hours responsibilities 
Jospeh Fragala