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Safety at Work is as Important as Safety at Home


Working at Three Mile Island means safety is the top priority.  Our employees come to work each shift and make sure they help others maintain high levels of safety and professionalism. Work Week Manager Karyn Ford and husband, Dominic, a Radiation Protection Technician, share their story on why it is imperative to continue safe practices. 

"Being able to keep up with our two beautiful children and spend our non-work time helping them learn about and experience the world wouldn’t be possible if we weren’t at our healthiest.  Our two-year-old, Lillian, loves being outside, playing soccer, and anything Mickey Mouse.  She is the first one to tell her brother (or the dogs) to “stop” if they aren’t making safe choices, and we like to think she gets that from us! Our 6-month-old, Ben, loves sleeping, eating, and throwing up on his daddy. 

We are thankful to work in an environment where safety is a number-one priority and to have a strong network of peers who coach and expect safe behaviors.  As a work week manager, I work to ensure that safety issues are identified and corrected as quickly as possible. These same practices are just as important at home, as our toddler learns to climb and our baby learns to crawl.  As a Radiation Protection Technician, Dom ensures that all workers are briefed to understand and minimize radiological risk so that we can all go home the same, or better, then we came in!

We never want to imagine a day that we would have to miss time with our children due to an injury, and it's important to us that our children value their own safety and learn that cutting corners is never okay. My husband and I remain committed to ensuring we operate TMI to the best of our abilities."



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