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Why Aaron Works Safely at Limerick


Limerick Generating Station employees take pride in the site's strong safety culture. The station's "Why I Work Safely" program gives employees an opportunity to share personal reasons around why they work safely each and every day at Limerick. Aaron, Limerick's Chemistry, Environmental and Radwaste Programs Manager, discusses one of the main reasons he works safely.

The main reason I work safely meets me at my garage door every day after work and declares, "Daddy, I need to show you something!" Typically, it's a book she got at the library or something she found in our house that is funny to a four-year-old. My wife and I adopted Madelyn when she was three days old, and she has changed my life. She seems to think she is a comedian (as you can see by our photo!).

To make sure I remain safe at work, I always do a self-check to be sure I'm wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) before I go out into the field. If I'm going to watch a job or am involved in a pre-job brief, I ask the team to look out for me and coach me if they see me doing something unsafe. If I do receive feedback on a safety standard, I intentionally thank the person before I say anything else. My teammates can count on me to peer coach safety behaviors, and I know I can count on them as well. ​



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