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Up to Par: Exelon Uses Golf to Empower Girls in Their Careers

Exelon is committed to building the pipeline of women in STEM, and "Girls in Golf Academy” is a fun and interactive approach to bring that to life.

Diversity and inclusion are not just empty words at Exelon. Rather, they are part of our core values that we believe benefit our businesses and communities. We've worked hard to combat retention and promotion issues, and identified two key barriers to advancement – the lack of a deep network and lack of sponsorship. Many business relationships are formed through informal networking opportunities. Unfortunately, 46% of women surveyed noted exclusion from informal networks as the biggest impediment to reaching their career goals. 

We realized we could leverage our sponsorship of the KPMG Women's PGA Championship as a catalyst for girls and women to expand their networks. Golf teaches valuable life skills that parallel the business world, such as strategic thinking, taking risks, remaining calm under intense pressure, and honesty. 

With the help of KPMG and the First Tee of Greater Chicago, we launched our first "Girls in Golf Academy." The primary objective is to immerse girls between the ages of 8 and 15 into the world of golf. Beyond teaching the game, we incorporate a STEM-focused curriculum to expose girls to the kinds of careers that are possible within STEM fields. 


Exelon is committed to building the pipeline of women in STEM, and "Girls in Golf Academy" is a fun and interactive approach to bring that to life. While not typically associated, STEM and golf are more similar than they seem. They are both traditionally underrepresented by women. They are also sometimes perceived as difficult to learn, and can be intimidating. Among other activities, the curriculum includes learning about the physics of a golf swing and meeting STEM professionals to better understand their career path. By intersecting the two fields, we hope to break down barriers and transform perceptions by empowering girls with the skills to last a lifetime.

If we want to create lasting change for our communities, companies and board rooms in the future, we must level the playing field, today. ​​




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