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Three Mile Island Takes Nuclear Energy Advocacy to the Dogs


Wag your tail for carbon-free energy! Thousands of dog owners schlepped their pups to the annual Woofstock festival along Front Street in Harrisburg on Sept. 23. Three Mile Island's Generation Nation, a nuclear energy advocacy club, setup an information table to invite pooch-lovers to learn about nuclear energy's environmental benefits. 

Generation Nation members Dave Marcheskie, Patty Handy, and Dustin Stoltz staffed the table and handed out 'Puppy Power Ups,' an atom stamped peanut butter dog treat. People were able to use their apposable thumbs to roll dice for a chance to win a Three Mile Island light-up dog collar! What else promotes safety, performance, and electricity than seeing your canine in the dark.

Most importantly, through the shared passion of dogs, people were able to take a second look and learn how Three Mile Island and the five nuclear energy facilities in Pennsylvania promote 93 percent of the Commonwealth's carbon-free electricity. To some, that was a shock collar of a stat that made people perk up.  

This is another way TMI and employees are finding more ways to tell our story and advocate to those on two and four legs! 



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