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Two Very Important Reasons Steve Cigan Works Safely at TMI


​Working at Three Mile Island means safety is the top priority.  Our employees come to work each shift and make sure they help others maintain high levels of safety and professionalism. Maintenance Manager Steve Cigan talks about two reasons he works safely at TMI.

"These are my daughters, Lacey and Alex. Both are students at West Chester University. I am fortunate to be their father, as they are teaching me a lot about life.

I am dedicated to safety and safe work practices because I know they can save lives. When I was stationed aboard the nuclear submarine, USS Oklahoma City SSN-723, we hit the underside of a Norwegian natural gas tanker. For a period of time, we lost navigation and buoyancy control. The periscope was tangled in the propeller of the tanker and was torn off; water sprayed into the control room. We sustained significant damage to the submarine sail and momentarily were stuck in the hull of the tanker. 

Then, we felt a large shudder and we became dislodged. There was a severe unplanned depth excursion of several hundred feet with some extreme angles. Imagine the room you are in instantly turning sideways! I truly saw my life flash before my eyes. We were halfway around the world and my family saw the news story first on CNN. Naval officials contacted my family a nerve-racking day later as it was feared that we could be lost at sea. We almost didn’t come home. 

We all have processes and procedures to follow, and it was strict adherence to response procedures that saved our lives. This structure built into how we work is in place to help us safely navigate through stressful situations to keep both us and our equipment safe.

The little girls that flashed before my eyes then are now beautiful young women. I changed after that accident on the submarine, and it significantly affected my family, too.  We talk about it often; it is a lesson for all of us.

Keep your standards high—no matter who is around or how routine the job might be. It could be the difference."



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