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Redesigned Website Reflects Exelon’s Focus on Clean Energy and Innovation

Site includes new content throughout, including stories about new technology and sustainable energy

CHICAGO — Exelon announced today it has launched an entirely redesigned corporate website with new content highlighting the company’s culture of innovation and pursuit of advanced technology that will lead to a cleaner, more reliable and modern electric grid. The site serves as the primary source of information about Exelon’s business and its mission, vision and values. 

“New technology, changing customer preferences and environmental concerns are fundamentally changing how we produce and consume energy in the U.S.,” said Laura Duda, vice president of corporate communications for Exelon. “We’ve redesigned our website to reflect the many ways Exelon is rethinking energy, investing in innovative technology and leading the national conversation on how to create a reliable, clean, affordable energy network of the future.”

The website contains new content on nearly every page, including:
  • An overview of Exelon’s integrated business model and strategy to succeed during this time of unprecedented change within the industry;
  • Innovation stories that describe how Exelon is harnessing employee ideas to improve customer service and investing in emerging companies and technology that have the potential to reshape the energy landscape;
  • A description of Exelon’s efforts to create a more sustainable​ energy system, healthier communities and a cleaner environment.
The redesigned website also contains more visual content -- including photos and videos that bring stories about Exelon’s business to life – and incorporates social media content that will allow visitors to follow the conversation about important events and stories involving Exelon in real time. In addition, the new site is designed to make it easier to view and access on mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets. The site can be accessed at




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