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Quad Cities Station Senior Leadership Team Help United Way Day of Caring


Quad Cities Station personnel seek out ways as many ways as possible in their local communities to advocate and positively promote nuclear energy. One impactful way they choose to do so is via community service. Here at Quad Cities Station, we can be thankful to reside in a region that largely supports our station, our company and our industry. Participating in local events and volunteer opportunities whenever they arise is also a great way to show our appreciation for the Quad Cities and its surrounding communities.


The Quad Cities Station Senior Leadership Team (SLT) found a wonderful opportunity to do just that On May 30, 2018. During the United Way Day of Caring just over a week before, several station employees participated by doing landscaping at Fillmore Elementary School in Davenport, Iowa. They did a wonderful job that day, but Quad Cities Station Site Vice President Ken Ohr felt there was more that could be done to finish the job. The SLT then agreed to pull together for a day to revisit the school and complete the landscaping. The project only took a few additional hours of time, but made a tremendous impact on the school and its area. This is just one example of finding ways to advocate for nuclear and spread nuclear's message by helping in the community.





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