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Promoting Careers in Nuclear Energy at Science Exploration Days


Ginna employees talked nuclear energy with hundreds of middle and high school students from six counties at the 47th annual Science Exploration Days in Rochester. For more than 30 years, Ginna has been involved with this event, which brings the community and students together for a dialogue on science and technology. Ginna employees offered formal presentations on how nuclear energy works and career opportunities. Additionally, employees staffed an interactive, educational booth for teachers, parents and students. The booth included an opportunity try on anti-contamination clothing, measure radiation in common objects and learn more about Ginna's efforts to protect our environment.  

"This STEM day for middle and high school students is essential for our next generation to learn about future opportunities," said Ginna retiree and Science Exploration Days volunteer, Mary Ellen Dangler. "The volunteers do a wonderful job of showing what it is we do at the plant. I have been organizing Ginna's involvement in this event since the mid-1980s. These hands-on exhibits and lectures cannot happen without the dedicated people at Ginna." ​




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