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Peach Bottom Planned Refueling Outage Begins

Workforce triples as team readies plant for safe, reliable operating cycle

DELTA, Pa. – Operators at Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station removed Unit 2 from service just after midnight on Monday to begin a planned refueling outage. The outage follows a reliable summer run by Peach Bottom, which operated at greater than 95 percent capacity during June, July and August, when Pennsylvania saw some of its highest temperatures on record. 

The refueling outage will help ensure the unit runs safely and efficiently, and provides consistent reliable power to the region for another two-year cycle. While the unit is offline, technicians will replace nearly one-third of the reactor’s fuel and perform more than 13,000 inspections, tests, maintenance activities and modifications. Many of the tasks performed during the outage cannot be accomplished while the unit is online. 

"The outage allows us to perform maintenance and make important improvements that help ensure Peach Bottom continues to operate safely and reliably. When temperatures soar like they did this summer, or plummet like they do every winter, we want to make sure we continue to provide safe, clean, reliable power to meet the regions’ energy needs,” said Site Vice President Michael J. Massaro. 

To support this work, approximately 1,700 additional workers will travel to Peach Bottom for several weeks. The influx of workers will spend money at hotels, restaurants and other local businesses, providing a significant boost to the local economy

Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station is located on the west bank of the Conowingo Pond (Susquehanna River) in York County, Pa. The station is home to two boiling water reactors, capable of powering more than 2.25 million homes and businesses. Both reactors began commercial operation in 1974. Join us on Twitter and YouTube.




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