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Oyster Creek Generating Station Offline for Planned Maintenance

Work ensures summer reliability, maximum efficiency

​FORKED RIVER, NJ – Operators took Oyster Creek Generating Station offline early this morning to perform planned maintenance necessary to ensure system reliability and maximum efficiency during the peak summer months ahead. All equipment performed as designed during the shutdown. 
During the outage, technicians will inspect, repair and test several mechanical components in the plant, including a control rod drive mechanism and pumps and seals that control water flow to equipment.
Oyster Creek is located 60 miles east of Philadelphia in Ocean County, New Jersey. The plant produces 636 net megawatts of electricity at full power, enough electricity to supply 600,000 typical homes, the equivalent to all homes in Monmouth and Ocean counties combined. In addition, plant workers, through their payrolls, are responsible for more than $96 million injected directly into New Jersey’s economy. Join us on Twitter and You Tube​




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