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Outage T-shirts Benefit Service Dogs


Each year, Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station takes one of its two reactors offline for a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage. With it comes the opportunity to sell outage t-shirts to employees and the thousands of contracted workers who flood the local area to work at the plant.  

This year, Peach Bottom sold nearly $10,500 in outage t-shirts. Proceeds were donated to Susquehanna Service Dogs, a local organization trains dogs to assist children and adults with a wide variety of disabilities, including people with physical, cognitive and psychiatric disabilities, autism, hearing impairments, and seizure disorder, as well as for veterans with PTSD. 

​Every one of Exelon’s nuclear plants creates a special outage logo and t-shirt to commemorate each of its refueling outages. Proceeds from the sale of these shirts are donated to a charity of the station’s choosing. 

“Refueling outages can be intense. An incredible amount of work is completed in a short period  of time. Crews work 24/7, projects have to be synchronized and scheduled flawlessly, and teams have to communicate well to keep projects on track,” said Outage Manager Barry Hedrick. “This intensity builds camaraderie and a sense of pride among workers. Outage t-shirts are a reminder of each outage and an important keepsake for workers.”



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