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NRC approves MUR at Peach Bottom


​In February of 2017,​ Exelon formally submitted a license amendment request to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to allow Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station to raise the plant’s thermal power by implementing a Measurement Uncertainty Recapture (MUR) Uprate. The request was approved on November 15, one month ahead of the NRC projected completion date. 

Approval of the request will allow Peach Bottom to implement a 65 MWt (Megawatts Thermal) uprate on Units 2 and 3, which will allow each unit to generate an additional 22 MWe (Megawatts Electric).

Only minor modifications to the plant are necessary for this new uprate, which will be performed by recalibrating previously installed, Leading Edge Flow Monitor (LEFM) instrumentation to more accurately measure the feedwater flow to calculate the reactor’s thermal power level. 

Over the past seven years, Exelon has made significant investments in equipment and new technologies to increase Peach Bottom’s generation capacity by approximately 12 percent as part of an Extended Power Uprate (EPU) project. To date, almost every major piece of equipment in the plant has been upgraded or replaced, including generators, high and low-pressure turbines, steam dryers, main generators, main power transformers and critical backup systems. This uprate is a cost-effective way for the plant to generate additional electricity without the need for new construction. 



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