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Nine Mile Point Unit 2 Offline for Scheduled Refueling

Annual outage generates hundreds of good jobs, spurs local economy

Oswego, NY — Operators removed Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station Unit 2 from service early this morning for a planned refueling outage. While the unit is offline, skilled technicians will replace nearly one-third of the reactor’s fuel and perform thousands of inspections and maintenance activities. Most of the work cannot be completed while the unit is online.  

“This year’s refueling outage represents Exelon’s continued investment in the future of Nine Mile Point,” said Site Vice President Pete Orphanos. “Nine Mile Point plays a vital role in providing economic, environmental, and reliable energy benefits to our region.  During the outage we will upgrade equipment and perform maintenance work to ensure the long-term reliability of the plant.” 

The outage work will be performed by 850 permanent employees and more than 1,500 highly trained supplemental workers.  

“Nine Mile Point’s refueling outages provide good paying jobs for hundreds of skilled union workers every spring,” said Martin Currier, Business Representative for IBEW Local 97. “These jobs are in addition to the many long-term positions filled by union specialists in support of Nine Mile’s capital improvement projects.”

Nine Mile Point’s annual refueling outages also deliver a major boost to local businesses. 

“During Nine Mile Point’s annual refueling outages, the hotels are booked, the restaurants are full, and it is a great time to be a business owner in Oswego County,” said Greg Mills, director of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce. 

Nine Mile Point Unit 1 will continue to generate electricity during the Unit 2 outage. NMPNS is located north of Syracuse in Scriba, NY, and generates enough electricity to power over 1 million average American homes.  Join us on Twitter and You Tube​




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