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Limerick Generating Station Refueling Outage Powers Local Economy

Influx of 2,000 workers to the nuclear plant is good for local businesses and the regional economy

POTTSTOWN, Pa. – Operators at Exelon Generation’s Limerick Generating Station removed Unit 2 from service just after midnight on Sunday to begin a planned refueling outage at the nuclear plant. The refueling and maintenance outage supports another two years of producing reliable, clean, safe power for Pennsylvania homes and businesses.

As Limerick begins its outage, more than 2,000 highly skilled workers, many from local union halls, will converge on Montgomery County, filling nearby hotels to capacity and increasing foot traffic in restaurants and shops, bolstering local businesses during a typically slower period.

“When supplemental workers come to Limerick for the refueling outage, it means additional business for our community,” said Tri County Area Chamber of Commerce President Eileen Dautrich. “Area businesses welcome the additional workers, who take advantage of all the amenities we have to offer, whether it’s our restaurants, hotels or shopping.”

Refueling outages allow workers to perform detailed inspections, equipment upgrades and maintenance that cannot be completed while the reactor is operating. Workers at Limerick will replace about one-third of the fuel in the Unit 2 reactor and will perform more than 16,000 inspections, maintenance activities and other tasks. 

The work is designed to enhance the unit’s ability to provide the region with safe and reliable carbon-free electricity. Limerick Unit 1 will continue to generate electricity during the Unit 2 refueling outage.

“We remain committed to the safe and reliable operation of Limerick Generating Station,” said Rick Libra, site vice president at Limerick. “The highly skilled professionals joining us for the refueling outage share our commitment to safe operations and will help us continue providing the region with clean energy for years to come.”
At full power, the facility’s two generating units produce more than 2,300 megawatts of electricity, enough to power more than 2 million typical American homes. Approximately 50 percent of the carbon-free power in Pennsylvania is produced by Exelon’s three nuclear facilities in the state. Limerick Generating Station is located in southeastern Pennsylvania, about 20 miles northwest of Philadelphia in Montgomery County.




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