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International Visitors Tour Byron Generating Station


On March 12 Byron Generating Station hosted 20 visitors from the IAEA Program Office at Argonne National Laboratory for a plant tour and educational session about nuclear power. The guests were visiting Argonne in Lemont, Ill. for three weeks and represented the following countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Poland and Turkey.


Argonne's IAEA Program Office supports the US Department of State regarding peacetime International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) matters. It serves as an interface and plays a lead role in the many daily programmatic activities of the US-IAEA relationship.

Byron Station employees first gave the group a presentation on nuclear power and the many facets associated with its production. The visitors are part of larger teams from their home countries researching the feasibility of constructing nuclear power facilities. There was a good question-and-answer exchange covering a variety of topics including plant operations, fuel, emergency preparedness, security, water use, public relations, and more.

After the presentation guests toured the control room simulator and received first-hand lessons on how control room operators are taught and tested. The group then began their plant tour, visiting a variety of different areas including the turbine deck, diesel generator room, dry cask storage facility, and natural draft cooling towers.

The day's activities ended with a working lunch and good conversation on the day's activities. Overall it was a tremendous exchange of knowledge, work experience and international goodwill. 



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