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Fish hatchery Helps Reintroduce Native Fish in Illinois Waterways




Alligator Gar 2017 Quad Hatchery/Alligator Gar.jpgAlligator Gar
Raised Alligator Gar 2017 Quad Hatchery/Raised Alligator Gar.jpgRaised Alligator Gar
Small Alligator Gar 2017 Quad Hatchery/Small Alligator Gar.jpgSmall Alligator Gar

Quad Cities is home to the only privately-owned fish hatchery on the Mississippi River. This year, the hatchery raised about 1,000 alligator gar fish and delivered them to the Jack Wolf Fish Hatchery in October. From there, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources tagged the fish with a tracking transponder and released them into Illinois waterways. 

The Jack Wolf Fish Hatchery is the largest in Illinois. It is located in Mason County, near Pekin. Jack Wolf produces millions of fish annually which are stocked into Illinois' lakes and waterways. The fish raised at Quad Cities Station are a large part of that program. Alligator gar, which play an important role in river ecosystems, can grow to be up to 10 feet long and 300 pounds. The Quad Cities Station Fish Hatchery has been raising alligator gar for seven years and have provided several thousand that have been released into Illinois waterways.