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 Exelon's Braidwood Station to Host Open House April 13

Attendees of Braidwood Station’s annual community information night will get the inside scoop on what’s happening at the plant from the very people who work there.

BRAIDWOOD, ILL. - Attendees of Braidwood Station’s annual community information night will get the inside scoop on what’s happening at the plant from the very people who work there. Information about plant operations, as well as tours of the control room simulator will be topped off with an ice cream social for all attending. The event will be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13 at Exelon’s Services and Training Center, 36400 S. Essex Road in Wilmington, Ill.

Exelon representatives will be on hand to answer questions, such as: How does a nuclear plant operate? How do employees maintain a safe working environment? How is the station prepared to handle emergencies? What are the benefits of nuclear power? What is the Nuclear Powers Illinois campaign? And many more. The interactive event is for all ages. One lucky attendee will leave with a great prize and all will leave with beneficial information about Braidwood Station operations as well as nuclear power’s importance for current and future generations.

Braidwood Generating Station, located about 60 miles south of Chicago, generates nearly 2,400 megawatts of carbon-free electricity, enough to power more than 2 million homes. Approximately 90 percent of the carbon-free power in Illinois is produced by Exelon's six nuclear facilities. To learn more about the vital role nuclear plays in supplying electricity to Illinois and the tremendous benefits it provides families and communities, visit




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