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Exelon Supports Workforce Development Efforts in Maryland

P-TECH program is part of the company’s major commitment to powering a strong, skilled and diverse workforce in Maryland and across the United States

ANNAPOLIS (December 20, 2018) — Exelon announced it is increasing its commitment to workforce development programs, supporting Maryland Governor Larry Hogan's proposal to increase the number of schools enlisted in the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) program. Today's action further broadens Exelon's workforce development efforts in the communities it serves, supporting tens of thousands of youth and adults across the United States each year.

Exelon partners with leading state-level workforce development groups, educational institutions and community organizations to develop a diverse pipeline of talent to fill evolving workforce needs. By working with local businesses and educators, P-TECH provides a custom curriculum that trains students from all academic backgrounds to meet the demands on Maryland's workforce, helping students graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree, for free.

Leaders from Exelon's companies BGE; Pepco Holdings, which in Maryland includes Delmarva Power and Pepco; and Exelon Generation, which includes Constellation, participated in Governor Hogan's press conference today announcing recommendations for expanding P-TECH.

"As a leading employer in Maryland, Exelon requires a strong, skilled and diverse workforce to deliver clean energy for generations to come," said Exelon President and CEO Chris Crane. "This important jobs program provides Marylander's the technical skills they need to graduate, enter into the local employment market, earn a good income and lay the groundwork for a prosperous and successful career."

Exelon's Baltimore-based gas and electric company BGE has already experienced great success with P-TECH schools. Through BGE's Smart Energy Workforce Development program, it partnered in 2017 with Carver Vocational-Technical High School, a P-TECH participant, as well as several other high schools throughout the Baltimore area, to bring students on field trips to BGE facilities. Recognizing the benefits of these students' specialized training, BGE hired 25 summer interns from this group, ensuring their understanding of the industry extended beyond the classroom.

Similar workforce development efforts are being implemented across all of Exelon's companies in Maryland. Both Exelon Generation and Constellation provide scholarships to students studying STEM-related disciplines, leading to internships at the companies and, in some cases, full-time jobs. Pepco and Delmarva Power both provide training and preparation for testing and offer specialized curriculums to prepare students and the community for energy-related jobs, scholarships to help students and adults pursue advanced technical degrees and STEM-related initiatives to bring energy education into the classroom for students at a young age.

All of these efforts are part of Exelon's ongoing, multimillion-dollar commitment to workforce development in the areas it serves, with a focus on the communities with the most acute need. Annually, the Exelon family of companies donates approximately $50 million in charitable giving in the 48 states they do business in. In 2017 alone, Exelon contributed more than $10 million to STEM education and workforce development initiatives, over $3 million of which went to the high school and college level and benefited over 140,000 students. Furthermore, nearly 8,000 Exelon employees donated over 210,000 volunteer hours in 2017, including time spent with youth development groups and STEM education programs.




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