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Exelon Generation's Byron Unit 1 Returns to Service

Annual refueling outage wraps, delivers big win for local businesses

BYRON, Ill. — Operators returned Byron Generating Station Unit 1 to full power Wednesday, successfully completing a scheduled refueling outage that began in late February.  

More than 1,200 skilled workers from local union halls worked alongside station employees during the planned outage. The additional workers lodged in area hotels, shopped in local stores and patronized nearby restaurants, providing a significant and welcome economic boost.

“Exelon’s six Illinois nuclear facilities provide a major boost to their local economies,” said Dean Apple, president of IBEW Local 15.  “These stations are economic powerhouses for communities across the state and we need each and every one.”

During the outage, workers performed more than 14,000 detailed inspections, maintenance activities and equipment upgrades. Exelon Generation invests millions each year to upgrade its plants, installing new equipment and enhancing components to make the facilities even safer and more efficient.

This year, crews replaced two of Byron’s main power transformers. View time-lapse footage here: In addition, technicians replaced about one-third of the reactor’s fuel.

“The work done over the past month helps ensure that Byron will continue to run reliably for the next 18 months,” said Mark Kanavos, Byron Station’s site vice president. “We will continue to provide safe, clean and reliable energy for the region.” 

Byron Generating Station is located in Ogle County, Ill., about 25 miles southwest of Rockford. Join us on Twitter and YouTube.



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