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Dresden Welcomes Families


Dresden Station employees celebrated Family Day by welcoming nearly 500 loved ones to the site on Saturday, June 9. 

Rain early in the day gave way to sunny skies and lots of smiles as people explored interactive learning opportunities in the training building, in the mechanical shops, and toured a portion of the turbine deck. 

In the training building, guests could use Security’s training rifles to laser shoot a target; learn how workers protect themselves with PPE and try on dress out clothing; and experience shutting down a reactor in the simulator.   

Outdoor activities included children’s games, a DJ, an ice cream truck, and a tent with lunch provided. 

Inside the protected area, contests took place in the shops including the MMD torque wrench pull contest. 

Visitors were able to learn about and explore the site’s newly installed Digital Plant Viewers, learn about Radiation Protection practices, and see the turbine floor firsthand. 

The Family Day Planning Committee would like to thank the many volunteers and security who made Family Day possible. 




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