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Clinton Power Station Celebrates 30 Years of Clean Energy and Economic Benefits at Local Business Expo

Illinois’ Future Energy Jobs Act expected to ensure nuclear plant’s long-term operations; create and retain thousands of jobs and boost regional economy

CLINTON, Ill. — Exelon Generation’s Clinton Power Station celebrated its 30th anniversary today at the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Exelon employees were on hand to celebrate the nuclear plant’s 30-year history and its continued support for local families, businesses and the community. The Future Energy Jobs Act, signed into law in Illinois late last year, is expected to preserve the plant, the clean energy it generates, and its millions of dollars in contributions to the regional economy for at least another 10 years. 

“We are very thankful to Governor Rauner, legislative leaders and the Illinois General Assembly for their efforts to keep the plant operating,” said Marian Brisard, executive director of the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce. “Clinton Power Station is economically vital to this community. The property taxes the plant pays directly benefit local schools, libraries, county services and road programs. We are grateful Illinois lawmakers took action to do what’s right, not just for the future of Clinton and this region, but for the entire state.”

“Exelon Generation participates in the Clinton Business Expo each year, but this year is special,” said Clinton Site Vice President Ted Stoner. “This year, with the passage of the Future Energy Jobs Act, we are confident that Clinton Sta​tion will play a long-term role in driving a new clean energy economy in Illinois, while creating and saving thousands of good-paying jobs.”

“We are thrilled the plant is going to continue operating here in Clinton,” said Richard Snelson, owner of Clinton Illinois Picture Framing and a participant in this year’s Business Expo. “Last year, when everyone thought the plant was going to close, our business went into a slump. This year we are buried in work, and people are feeling more confident about the future of the community.”

The Clinton Power Station and Quad Cities Generating Station are expected to be preserved for at least 10 years by the Future Energy Jobs Act. Saving the two nuclear plants in Illinois will also maintain 4,200 direct and indirect jobs as well as $1.2 billion in annual economic activity.

Clinton Power Station is located approximately six miles east of Clinton, Ill. The nuclear plant produces 1,069 megawatts at full power – enough zero-emission electricity to power about 1 million typical homes. Follow Exelon Generation on Twitter and YouTube.




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