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Clinton Station Returns To Service, Setting U.S. Record For Shortest Refueling Outage


CLINTON, Ill. (June 1, 2016) — Operators returned Clinton Power Station to full power Monday, ending a refueling outage that began May 15 and setting a new U.S. record for the shortest refueling outage for a boiling water reactor at 11 days.

The previous record for the quickest refueling outage was set by Tennessee Valley Authority’s Browns Ferry (Alabama) Unit 3 at approximately 14.5 days, according to the Nuclear Energy Institute, an industry group which tracks such nuclear industry data.

Clinton Station pumps more than $480 million annually into the Illinois economy while providing nearly 1,900 direct and secondary jobs, according to a state report on the impact of closing economically challenged nuclear power plants.

Clinton Power Station is located approximately six miles east of Clinton. The plant produces 1,069 megawatts at full power - enough electricity to power about one million typical homes.




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