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Clinton Receives Exelon Environmental Achievement Award


The Exelon Environmental Achievement Award recognizes outstanding employee contributions for projects that create value for Exelon such as reduced environmental risks, enhanced environmental stewardship, increased operational efficiency, supply chain benefits and/or community reputational benefits. Three award winners were selected and 10 honorable mention were recognized at Exelon's 2018 Environmental Summit. 

For the past decade, the Clinton Lake Fish Stocking program reduced gizzard shad, reduced site workloads, and created value enhanced angling opportunities for area residents. 

Clinton Power Station has partnered with Quad Cities Fish hatchery and Illinois Department of Natural Resources to conduct multiple fish stocking as part of the Clinton Lake Management Program.  Working with Quad Cities Station maximizes the resources for both Stations' fisheries programs. Together, each facility can increase purchasing power from suppliers, and effectively utilize hatchery resources to stock a higher-quality fish.  These savings of budgeted dollars allow for future improvements in both environmental programs.          

Benefits of the Hybrid Striped Bass include:  

  • Fostering a highly cooperative relationship with site regulators (IL DNR) and other regulatory compliances,

  • Reduces gizzard shad populations prior to the annual winter die-off.  This reduction, through biological control, reduces "debris" to the screens,

  • Reduces Operations and Maintenance cleaning of the fish basket at the screenhouse, costing approximately 8-12 person hours/event.

  • Lowers costs of bringing in vendors to remove large shad runs from the fish basket.  These costs had reached over $100,000/year at the height of the issue prior to the stocking campaigns, 

  • Creates a 3-4 fold increase in product value versus direct stocking because fish are purchased at smaller sizes, brought to Quad Cities Station Hatchery for further grow-out, then stocked as 2.5 - 4 inch fish.

  • Creates a positive partnership with the community as Clinton Lake hosts over 100 fishing tournaments a year for three different species categories, the only waterbody in the state to do so.



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