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Centennial High School Student Uses Her Winter Break to Learn More About Calvert Cliffs


During our unit on nuclear structure in her chemistry class earlier this year, nuclear power generation was discussed briefly.   Emily found the topic really interesting and started doing some of her on online research.  "When I learned that we have a power plant right here in Maryland, I wanted to learn more about it,"  said Emily.

Typically we do not offer tours to single students simply because of the volume of requests that we get for tours of Calvert.  "When I reached out to Emily to learn more about her and her particular areas of interest I just couldn't say no to such an engaged, energetic student!" said Site Communications Specialist, Janna Jackson.

Emily visited Calvert during her winter break from school and learned what we do here, soup to nuts!

Because her current particular area of interest is chemistry, Emily also got to spend some time talking with Michelle Prosceo, Auxiliary Chemist at Calvert.  Michelle explained her path through Chemistry from her degree and first jobs to nuclear and the opportunities that exist in the industry.



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