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Calvert Utilizes Innovation Ideas for RFO In-Processing




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​The Calvert Access Authorization and Training departments have been discussing ways to leverage innovation to effect positive change for in-processing of personnel. Not only was benchmarking within the fleet advantageous to the teams, but the use of current technology with minimal investment.

Access Authorization benefited from the use of existing iPads, Wi-Fi, OneNote and the creative thinking of two Calvert personnel who support the outage every year. OneNote is a digital notebook for capturing and organizing everything across devices. The concept was to create a tracking file that was interactive for several users that would provide real time completion of tasks required to obtain Unescorted Access Authorization into the Protected Area. From the time personnel signed in at the main desk and updated on OneNote, all in-processing support personnel could see how many personnel arrived, where they were scheduled to go to next and what time they arrived. At any given moment, the "status" of personnel in-processing could be ascertained to minimize downtime and provided for efficiencies in "Time to Badge."

The Training department utilized walkie talkie radios with headsets to better communicate with proctors and instructors so everyone received information first hand. This also afforded training to conduct "practicals on demand" and, in most cases ahead of the student's scheduled classes. The purchase of a Restaurant Pager Coaster with Red LED Lights was used in the when the training labs were at capacity. They were issued to personnel who would then proceed with other in-processing activities and when computers became available, personnel were paged to come back to the training lab to complete training.  Access Authorization and FFD also capitalized on this idea and used the same system when there were lines for FFD testing.  Personnel could be easily contacted to return to FFD for required testing.

Cost saving initiatives were recognized when training personnel traveled to GE Headquarters in December and provided over 40 workers their necessary RFO in-processing training.

These investments were low cost with high return for our employees who took the initiative to make a difference.  Great job team!!!



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