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Calvert Marine Museum Excavates Calvert Cliffs Fossils


On June 7th, six Calvert Marine Museum employees visited Calvert Cliffs to excavate fossils.  Normally, the beach area is closed due to the endangered Tiger Beetle species.  However, after consulting with our expert, Dr. C. Barry Knisley, Professor of Biology from Randolph-Macon College, the team was able to access the beach before June 15th.  Between June 15th and September 30th, the beach is restricted due to Tiger Beetle mating. The Calvert Marine Museum experts found 3 fossils south of Barge Road from the cliffs by the beach. Fossil 1 is a tooth of the Great White shark ancestor, Cosmopolitodus hastalis.  


Fossil 2 is a partial whale vertebra, likely from the lower back of a ~20 foot Baleen Whale.  3.jpg

Fossil 3 is a block of matrix with dozens of fossilized crab feces, possibly from a crab very similar to the Chesapeake Blue Crab.  The blocky appearance is diagnostic of crustaceans.  All of the fossils will be displayed at the Calvert Marine Museum located in Solomons, Maryland.



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