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Cafe Takeout


When Oyster Creek closed its traditional cafeteria to renovate it into a Wawa-style grab and go market, the station was left with a surplus of very large canned and frozen foods. And, as always, we knew just what to do.

We donated it to those in need!

Several thousand dollars' worth of non-perishable and frozen foods were donated to the Lacey United Methodist Church and the St. Mary's Parish Knights of Columbus for their meal programs. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the Methodist Church provides free hot lunches for anyone in the community, and they provide packages of food for those in need as well. St. Mary's KOC holds a similar program.

Thanks to Jacqui, Fran, Kaci, Michelle, Dean, Charles, Bob, Dennis, Rich, Gina, and Val for helping coordinate, gather and distribute the food.




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