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Braidwood Station Schedules Phone Notification System Test Call for Dec. 9


​BRACEVILLE, Ill. – Braidwood Station will conduct an annual test of its phone notification system on Wednesday, Dec. 9. The phone notification system is designed to notify residents should a noteworthy event occur at the Braidwood nuclear facility.

The system, which was put into place in 2011, allows Braidwood Station to call residents at any time, day or night, in the Braidwood and Godley area to provide an update on plant operations, if the need arises.

“It is our responsibility, as partners with our communities, to keep our neighbors informed,” said Braidwood Site Vice President Marri Marchionda-Palmer. “This system provides us another method to communicate, should the need arise.”

Braidwood and Godley residents on the notification list were mailed a post card informing them of the system test call. Residents living in those communities who did not receive the posts card can be added by contacting the Braidwood Station hotline at (815) 417-4567. Participation in the system is optional. Those who do not want to receive the calls can leave a message on the hotline to have their phone numbers removed from the system.

Exelon operates 11 nuclear units at six sites in Illinois. These facilities provide 48 percent of the state’s total electricity and 90 percent of its carbon-free electricity.

Braidwood Station is located approximately 60 miles southwest of Chicago in Will County and produces enough carbon-free electricity to power more than 2 million typical homes.




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