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Braidwood Generating Station Grant Equips Local Emergency Agency with Needed Equipment and Tools

A donation by Exelon’s Braidwood Station means the city of Braidwood’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA)  will no longer have to share equipment with the city’s fire department.

BRAIDWOOD, ILL. -- A donation by Exelon’s Braidwood Station means the city of Braidwood’s Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA)  will no longer have to share equipment with the city’s fire department. Instead, the tools and equipment they need will be at their disposal for use during both emergency and non-emergency situations.

Braidwood ESDA has been operating for a number of years as required by state law, but the group has had to rely on the availability of the Braidwood Fire Department’s tools and equipment. In times of emergencies, the equipment has not always been available. A $4,000 grant from Exelon is helping meet both the ESDA group and the city of Braidwood’s need.

“This grant will ensure our ESDA team will be ready every time we are called upon for assistance,” said Mike Pemble, Braidwood ESDA coordinator. “Now we can outfit our vehicles and seven-member volunteer force with the tools and equipment needed to carry out the agency’s mission.”

Braidwood ESDA provides assistance with traffic control and direction during incidents such as fire scenes, accidents and roadway obstructions, as well as during planned events such as parades or 5K runs. The group, which includes weather spotters, also responds to disaster incidents and coordinates the operation of the city’s emergency operations center.

“As nuclear plant operators we understand the importance of being ready for any possible emergency scenario that arises,” said Braidwood Station Site Vice President Marri Marchionda-Palmer. “Exelon is proud to help Braidwood ESDA and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

Braidwood Generating Station, located about 60 miles south of Chicago, generates more than 2,300 megawatts of carbon-free electricity, enough to power 2 million homes. Approximately 90 percent of the carbon-free power in Illinois is produced by Exelon's six nuclear facilities. To learn more about the vital role nuclear plays in supplying electricity to Illinois and the tremendous benefits it provides families and communities, visit




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