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Braidwood Generating Station Completes Refueling Outage


BRACEVILLE, ILL. -- Operators returned Braidwood Generating Station Unit 1 to full power today, marking the end of the unit’s scheduled refueling outage that began Sept.26. More than 2,000 workers completed nearly 10,000 safety inspections, equipment tests and improvements, ensuring top levels of equipment reliability and a sustained run during the unit’s next 18-month operating cycle.

Exelon Generation’s six nuclear stations inject nearly $9 billion into the Illinois economy each year while providing 90 percent of the state’s carbon-free power. The nuclear units are responsible for 5,900 direct jobs in the state and nearly 20,000 indirect jobs. 

​Braidwood Station is located about 60 miles southwest of Chicago in Will County and produces enough carbon-free electricity to power more than 2 million typical homes.




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