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BGE’s Ijeoma Ozobu and the Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc.

Exelon employees are committed individual volunteers. We encourage them to support the causes they’re passionate about.

​​​Her organization’s motto is “so others may eat and live.”

Ijeoma Ozobu, a senior engineer at BGE, has been actively involved with the Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc. for more than seven years. As the organization’s current president, she is spearheading the organization’s commitment to improving the lives of the less privileged through financial support, health education and awareness, and resources for vocational education and training in communities both here in the U.S. and in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Last year, Ijeoma traveled to her home country of Nigeria to identify a facility for the Ofuobi Vocational Training Center, which officially opened in early 2016. At the center, Ijeoma’s organization is empowering Enugu State youth and equipping them with skills to help them become self-sufficient. Ijeoma also volunteers in less privileged communities in the Washington, D.C. metro area.

In our recent Energy for the Community Awards, Ijeoma won the Achievement Award and an additional $10,000 for the Ofuobi Women of Enugu State, Washington DC Inc.

At Exelon, individual initiative drives our success.

Exelon's executives serve on hundreds of nonprofit organization boards. We also field Exelon teams of volunteers and help employees find community service opportunities. But what impresses us the most? Employees' drive to volunteer for causes that they're passionate about.

Volunteerism is part of who we are. Our employees are purpose-driven in their work – and also on their own time. So far in 2016, 6,500 Exelon employees have spent approximately 138,000 hours volunteering with nonprofits in the diverse communities we serve. We encourage them to track their hours so we can recognize and reward their work.



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