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Exelon Generation’s New Maryland Natural Gas Power Plant Now Operational

New 120 megawatt generating unit builds on Exelon’s commitment to provide clean, reliable energy to Maryland


ABERDEEN, MD -  Exelon Generation's 120 megawatt Perryman 6 natural gas power generating unit began commercial operation on Sunday, June 28. Located at the company's Perryman Generating Station near Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, Perryman 6 increases the station's full generating capacity to 475 megawatts. Exelon had committed to increasing natural gas generation in Maryland as part of the company's 2012 merger with Constellation.

"The completion of Perryman 6 builds on our commitment to provide more clean and reliable energy in Maryland," said Ron DeGregorio, senior vice president of Exelon Generation and president of Exelon Power. "Perryman 6 is now ready to help meet the increased electricity demands we typically experience during the summer months."

The Pratt & Whitney Power Systems design FT4000â„¢ SWIFTPAC® power generation unit consists of two simple cycle, aero-derivative combustion turbines. Perryman 6 is a peaking unit, meaning that it typically generates electricity during periods of high electric demand. The unit will run mainly on natural gas but will also have the ability to run on oil as a back-up, ensuring fuel diversity and reliability.     

During construction the project provided more than 100 jobs, with a local economic impact of more than $11 million. The new unit will provide an average of $1.3 million per year in property taxes to Harford County.

Earlier this year, Exelon Generation fulfilled another merger commitment with the completion of the 40-megawatt Fourmile Wind Project. Construction is under way on Fair Wind Energy Project, a 30-megawatt wind project. Both assets are in western Maryland. A megawatt is a million watts of electricity which can power approximately 1,000 homes.



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